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Sector: Tourism

Location: Moscow, Russia



Mini7 — your personal guide for low priced package tours.


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Mini7 is a leader on the tourism market. From one hand it provides the best service on the market. From another – it got the top and was under the glass ceiling. Our task was to become a breaking ball that will make a new road for the agency and promote their new services.

What we did

At Basov Design, we look at different industry verticals such as travel through the lens of permanent market deployments. So we asked ourselves, what is the future of the traveling website? The key issues is not to find and booking a flight or an apartment. It lays into the route planning and docking. We created the responsive site where end-user can choose a door-to-door route without hours spending. In half a minute client gets an all-inclusive “package variants” with lists of all services and prices. No more time wasting, plan your journey as easily as make a coffee.


Your journey begins here. Choose your start and destination points, all other will do Mini7.

This website design is built on the separation of the semantic blocks, which allow gradually and clearly perceive the necessary information.

The brightness of the design highlights key points and communicates the desired atmosphere of upcoming holiday.