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Sector: Employment, Portfolio

Location: Italy

Story telling
Start up

Twinkll. Great online casting and audition service.


This platform is an online casting and audition service for casting professionals, designed to help Employers find the perfect person for next production.

What we did

We were tasked to make an elegant and stylish design with full-responsive graphics. The site should contain different types of content such as text, images, videos, music and be functional. Therefore, the layout was mentally divided into parts, but so that the pieces, in general, looked integrally. Also, we have worked a lot with the menu bars, so they would be comfortable for using on any device.


Together with the client, we have designed a very creative and interesting social world. This design concept is helped customers to attract a potential audience and investors for the further development of the project. We have done a great job and received invaluable experience working with startups.